Basic Manipulation

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Modes (Vis / Segm / Ref)

VoTracer has 5 Visualization modes6 Segmentation modes, 2 Refinement modes.
You can switch the mode from Menu > Mode Switch > * .

Window Layout

VoTracer contains Main Window, SubPaneXY/YZ/ZX, Rendering Dialog, and Manipulation Dialog.

Main Window

Sub Pane XY / YZ / ZX

Rendering Dialog

Mode specific Dialog (操作用ダイアログ)

Main Window

L-dragging : camera translation
R-dragging : camera rotation
M-dragging : camera zooming

Wheeling  :
Move xy/yz/zx planes under the cursor

Ctrl + L-dragging :
generate curved cross section
Ctrl + L-clicking (tapping) :
remove cross section

Sub Panes

L-dragging : camera translation
R-dragging : camera zooming
M-dragging : camera zooming

Wheeling : move cross section

control lines (red/green/blue) can be moved by L-dragging.

Rendering Parameter DLG

Rendering Parameter DLG supports switching rendering parameters.

CheckBox-Frame : cubic frame visualization On/Off.
CheckBox-Interpolate : Trilinear interpolation On/off.
CheckBox-Parallel proj : Orthogonal/perspective projections.
CheckBox-原点 : show origin in the 3D space.

Button - Window Level : Show Window Level dialog.

Slider - Transparency : Global transparency of volume Rendering
Slider - Slice : The number of billboards for volume Rendering
(the grater, the better rendering quality and slower feedback.)
(VoTracer renders many transparent billbard for volume rendering)

Slider - back color : background color (grayscale)

Button - XY-plane : On / Off the XY plane
Button - YZ-plane : On / Off the YZ plane
Button - ZX-plane : On / Off the ZX plane

Pitch (mm)

You can modify the voxel pitches in the x/y/z-axis.
三次元画像のPitch (1画素のサイズ)を指定できます.

Planes - RGB / Intens / Gradient

RGB : show RGB-color image (1,2,3-channel を RGB にマップします).
Intens : show intensity grayscale image (輝度値画像を表示します).
Gradient : show gradient magnitude image (微分画像を表示します).

Volume - RGB / Intens / Gradient

RGB : show RGB volume (1,2,3- channel をRGBにマップします).
Intens : show intensity grayscale volume (輝度値画像をレンダリングします).
c1, c2, c3 : apply pseudo color volume rendering (疑似カラーでレンダリングします).

Transfer Function Panel (伝達関数)

modify the transparency of volume Rendering.
See visualization mode for detail.

Save / Load Current Camera Info

Menu > others > save camera pos (.vtcam )
You can save the current camera information (camera position), and load it later. camera information is saved in *.vtcam file.

.vtcam file can be loaded from Menu > others > load camera and transfunc
or by drag-and-drop *.vtcam file to VoTracer.

.vtcam is a simple text file that contains 3-three dimensional vectors『camera position』『position the camera look at』『camera Y-axis direction』.
You can directly edit the file。

example of .vtcam file format.
5.069925 3.494983 7.336879   //Camera position
5.000000 5.000000 1.533203   //position the camera look at
0.650566 0.737002 0.183282   //Y-direction of the camera