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Segmentation in VoTracer

Volume segmentation is a task where ROIs (regions of interest) are cutout and assign a region ID.
In VoTracer [0-255] region IDs are available. (note ID:0 is the initial ID for all voxels.)
Each voxel have a single ID. (it is impossible to assign multiple IDs for a voxel.)


Segmentation workflow

1) Select "Menu > ModeSwitch > Segmentation * " to start segmentation mode
In VoTracer, 5 segmentation tools are available.
  1. Segmentation Slice By Slice  -- Tool for paint region ID on each slice (full manual segmentation).
  2. Segmentation Region Growing -- Thresholding tool and region growing segmentation tool .
  3. Segmentation Graph Cut -- Graph Cut Image Segmentation.
  4. Segmentation Curved Cylinder -- Interactive tool for segmenting linear region (e.g. blood vesseles).
  5. Segmentation Contour Mesh (B-HRBF) -- Interactive tool for segmenting region by contours.
2) Select the target region IDs

  When starting segmentation tool, it is necessary to select segmentation target region (ID) from which a new ROI will be cutout. When target region selection dialog appear (left), select multiple target regions and press OK.

Subsequent segmentation operation affects only the selected target region.
Non-selected regions are locked and do not change..

At the beginning, all voxels have ID:0, and then select ID:0.

例1) 上図の骨や筋肉の抽出時は,全体についた初期領域ID=0を選択すれば良い.
例2) 上図の筋肉(ID=3)領域の内の腫瘍を抽出する場合,領域ID=3を選択すれば良い.

3) Cutout ROI (Region of Interst)
Cutout ROI by using segmentation tools above.
See page of each tool for detail.

4) Assign ID for the obtain ROI.
After cutting out a ROI by a segmentation tool, a new region ID can be assigned to it. After obtaining ROI, i) press “finish” button (in segmentation tool dialog), and select new ID from a dialog.