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Bioengineering Laboratory Overview
The principal purpose of the laboratory is to explore a new frontier of research field which fuses biological science and engineering. On the basis of polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology,we are studying new materials comprising biological components, novel methodology for bioanalysis and medical diagnosis,and artificial systems for regulation of biological processes. Those new ideas and materials are being applied to the field of biomaterials sciences, medical engineering, life science, environmental science and micro/nanoscience. As an example, we newly prepared DNA-vinyl polymer conjugates which have been applied for DNA biosensor, affinity electrophoresis,SNPs-responsive diagnostic nanoparticle, stimuli-responsive antisense drug, artificial gene regulation system, etc. These researches may be classified into a new category, i.e., "DNA engineering".
Research Subjects:
(1) DNA Engineering
(2) Micro/nanotechnology-based Analytical Systems
(3) Biomaterials Science

NEWS Dr. Makoto Takemasa was awarded as Best poster presenter at Hanyang University - RIKEN Joint Conference 2011. (2011.12.5)
Prof. Mizuo Maeda, Chief Scientist of Bioengineering lab, received "The Award of Japanese Society for Biomaterials (2011)"(2011.11.21)
Highschool students of Ibaraki Dai-ichi highschool, certified as Super Science Highschool, visited our lab.(2011/10/28)
Drs. Makoto Takemasa, Masahiro Fujita, and Mizuo Maeda received Poster presentation award at JAIMA Discussion on Analytical Science and Technology 2011(2011.09.08)
We will show our research topic and demonstration in 'RIKEN Wako Institude Open day' on 23 April (Saturday) in room W317, third floor, Cooperation Center in Wako campus. Everyone is welcome! (2011.04.20)
The lab is becoming avtive again on the new fiscal year. As a part of ASI (Advansed Science Institute), RIKEN, our lab supports special programs for graduate students located in the disaster areas (link to the official announce from RIKEN)

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Research Topics [Link]  Gene diagnosis Using DNA-linked colloidal nanoparticles
 Power-free microfluidic devices
 Easy SNPs typing on an autonomous microchip
 Detection of gene point mutation using affinity capillary electrophoresis
 Novel gene assay methodology using affinity bioprobes
 Development of photoresponsive substrate for cell culturing
 Enzymatic synthesis of novel polymer materials
 Analysis of functions of molecular chaperones and its applications

Annual Report (latter part of PDF is written in English)
Apr.2009 - Mar.2010
Apr.2008 - Mar.2009

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Mizuo Maeda Lab., Department of Advanced Materials Science, School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo.


Contact address RIKEN Bioengineering laboratory, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-0198, JAPAN. TEL:+81-48-467-9312, FAX: +81-48-462-4658   .