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The RTK-Ras-MAPK systems make a group of intracellular reaction networks for cell signaling.  Even though most of the components and structures are common to every member of RTK-Ras-MAPK systems, excitation of each system induces different cellular response including stimulation of proliferation, suppression of proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and carcinogenesis.  These systems are also used for polarization and taxis of cells.  Using RTK-Ras-MAPK as the experimental systems, we are coping with various research projects. Our final goal is to understand the origin of flexible cellular behavior based on protein reactions.

What's new?


Feb. 10
Dr. Okamoto's paper is published.
Okamoto & Sako. 
"Two closed conformations of CRAF require the 14-3-3 binding motifs and cysteine-rich domain to be intact in live cells"
J. Mol. Biol., 2023, vol. 435, 167989.


Oct. 21
Dr. Okamoto's paper was posted on bioRxiv.
Okamoto & Sako. 
"Two closed conformations of CRAF require the 14-3-3 binding motifs and cysteine-rich domain to be intact in live cells"
bioRxiv, 2022.
June 27
Press Release of Dr. Arata's paper was released (in Japanese).
June 22
Dr. Arata's paper was published.
Arata, et al
"Insulin signaling shapes fractal scaling of C. elegans behavior"
Sci. Reports, 2022, vol. 12, 10481.
Mar. 3
Dr. Okamoto's paper was published.
Nakagawa, et al
"Amyloid conformation-dependent disaggregation in a reconstituted yeast prion system"
Nat. Chem. Biol., 2022, vol. 18, pp.321-331.
Feb. 1
Dr. Okamoto's paper was published.
Heo et al.
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2022, vol. 13, pp.1249–1257
Feb. 1
Dr. Yanagawa's paper was published.
Kawakami et al.
"Heterotrimeric Gq proteins act as a switch for GRK5/6 selectivity underlying β-arrestin transducer bias"
Nature Communications 13(1) 2022


Dec. 3
Dr. Arata's paper was posted on bioRxiv.荒田さんの論文がbiorxivに掲載されました
Yukinobu Arata, Itsuki Shiga, Yusaku Ikeda, Peter Jurica, Hiroshi Kimura, Ken Kiyono, Yasushi Sako
“Fractal scaling of C. elegans behavior is shaped by insulin signaling”
bioRxiv, 2021.
Nov. 25
Dr. Yanagawa's review article was published (in Japanese).
Seibutsu Butsuri, 61(6), 366-369, 2021.
Nov. 10
Press Release of Dr. Abe's paper was released.
Nov. 9
Dr. Abe's paper was published.
Mitsuhiro Abe, Asami Makino, Motohide Murate, Françoise Hullin-Matsuda, Masataka Yanagawa, Yasushi Sako, Toshihide Kobayashi
"PMP2/FABP8 induces PI(4,5)P2-dependent transbilayer reorganization of sphingomyelin in the plasma membrane"
Cell Reports, 37(6), 109935-109935, 2021.
Oct. 1
A paper Dr. Yanagawa co-authored was published.
Keiichi Kojima, Yuki Matsutani, Masataka Yanagawa, Yasushi Imamoto, Yumiko Yamano, Akimori Wada, Yoshinori Shichida, Takahiro Yamashita
"Evolutionary adaptation of visual pigments in geckos for their photic environment"Science Advances 7(40) 2021
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj1316
Aug. 6
Kuwashima's paper was published.
Yutaro Kuwashima, Masataka Yanagawa, Mitsuhiro Abe, Michio Hiroshima, Masahiro Ueda, Makoto Arita and Yasushi Sako
"Comparative Analysis of Single-Molecule Dynamics of TRPV1 and TRPV4 Channels in Living Cells" Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(16), 8473;
July 29
Akiyama's paper was published.
Momoko Akiyama, Ryosuke Ueki, Masataka Yanagawa, Mitsuhiro Abe, Michio Hiroshima, Yasushi Sako, Shinsuke Sando
"DNA-Based Synthetic Growth Factor Surrogates with Fine-Tuned Agonism" Angewandte Chemie International edition
July 29
Press Release (in Japanese): https://www.amed.go.jp/news/release_20210802.html
July 7
Dr. Hiroshima's article was published.
Michio Hiroshima, Yasushi Sako
In-Cell Single-Molecule Analysis of Molecular State and Reaction Kinetics Coupling
July 7
Dr. Abe's article was published.
Mitsuhiro Abe, Toshihide Kobayashi
Imaging Sphingomyelin- and Cholesterol-Enriched Domains in the Plasma Membrane Using a Novel Probe and Super-Resolution Microscopy
May 29
Dr. Yanagawa's paper was published.
Yanagawa M., Sako Y.  Workflows of the Single-Molecule Imaging Analysis in Living Cells: Tutorial Guidance to the Measurement of the Drug Effects on a GPCR. (2021) In: Kim SB. (eds) Live Cell Imaging. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2274. Humana, New York, NY.
Apr. 22
Dr. Yanagawa's review article was published (in Japanese).
Yanagawa & Sako
Monthly "Saibo", 2021.

Research Projects

1. Single-molecule analysis cell signaling networks*

Reactions and dynamics of epidermal growth factor receptor and nerve growth factor receptor / Interactions between small GTPases and their effector proteins

2. Characterization of the fluctuations observed in intracellular reactions*

Response function of cell signaling network and its cell-to-cell fluctuation / Correlations between reaction and structural dynamics of cell signaling proteins / Propagation of reaction fluctuations over intracellular reaction networks

3. Development of new techniques of optical microscopy*

Improvement of single-molecule imaging techniques / Development oftechniques to regulate signal inputs to cells / Development of new fluorescence probes to detect molecular reactions

4. Reconstitution of cell signaling systems*

Reconstitution of RTK-Ras-MAPK systems in semi-intact cells / Reconstitution of protein networks in E. coli cells

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