RIKEN Seminars in 2012

Feb. 22
Prof. M. Hagiwara (Osaka University)
"High-field magnetism of S=1/2 quasi-one-dimensional frustrated magnets"
April 11
Dr. Christopher Mudry (Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland)
"The route to fractional topological insulators in two and three dimensions"
May 10
Dr. Takeshi Mizushima (Department of Physics, Okayama University)
"Symmetry protected topological order and spin susceptibility in superfluid 3He-B"
May 29
Prof. Jun-ichiro Kishine (Natural and Environmental Science Program, open University of Japan)
"Quantum transport through topological spin texture in chiral helimagnet"
June 19
Prof. Takasada Shibauchi (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
"Quantum `spin-metal' phase in an organic Mott insulator with two-dimensional triangular lattice"
July 19
Dr. Frank Pollmann (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany)
"Topological Phases of One-Dimensional Fermions: An Entanglement Point of View"
Sept. 7
Dr. Hiroyuki Yamase (National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS))
"Single-particle excitation spectrum near electronic nematic instability"
Sept. 11-13
Swiss-Japan Workshop 2012 (web page)
Sept. 14
Dr. Tomoyuki Morimae (Imperial College London, UK)
"Measurement-based quantum computation for condensed-matter physicists"
Sept. 28
Prof. Bruce Gaulin (Department of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University, Canada)
"Effective Spin 1/2 Hamiltonians in the Pyrochlore Magnets Er2Ti2O7 and Yb2Ti2O7"
Nov. 5
Dr. Shunsuke Furukawa (Dept. of Physics, Univ. Tokyo)
"Quantum Hall states in rapidly rotating two-component Bose gases"
Nov. 9
Dr. Yusuke Nishida (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
"Efimov effect in quantum magnets" (Ref: arXiv:1208.6214)
Nov. 22
Prof. Shinsei Ryu (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
"Effective field theories for topological insulators via functional bosonization"