Workshop on Physics with Ultra Slow Antiproton Beams

March 14 (Monday) March 15 (Tuesday) March 16(Wednesday)

9:00-9:30 Registration


9:30-9:40 Y. Yamazaki
Opening & Business announcements

Session 1. Chair: Y. Yamazaki

9:40-10:20 (35+5 min) J. Ullrich
"Sub-Femtosecond Correlated Dynamics Probed with Antiprotons"

10:20-10:50 (25+5 min) J. Cohen
"Capture of Slow Antiprotons by Atoms, Molecules, and Ions"

Session 5. Chair: T. Kambara

9:00-9:30 (25+5 min) H. Torii
"Production of ultra-slow antiproton beams"

9:30-9:50 (15+5 min) D. Horvath
"The Anticyclotron project"

9:50-10:20 (25+5 min) R. Rosowsky
"Intense source of slow positrons"

10:20-10:50 (25+5 min) V. Varentsov
"ASACUSA gas-jet target: present status and future development"

Session 9. Chair: P. Kienle

9:00-9:40 (35+5 min) S. Wycech
"Nuclear structure studies with low energy antiprotons"

9:40-10:10 (25+5 min) A. Trzcinska
"Antiprotonic atoms - a tool for the investigation of the nuclear periphery"

10:10-10:40 (25+5 min) D. Gotta
"Light antiprotonic atoms"

10:40-11:00 (15+5 min) D. Grzonka
"Study of S=-2 baryonic states at FLAIR"

10:50-11:10 (20min) Coffee Break 10:50-11:20 (30min)  Coffee Break 11:00-11:20 (20min)  Coffee Break

Session 2. Chair: I. Shimamura

11:10-11:40 (25+5min) H. Schmidt-Boecking
"Ionization Dynamics by p and pbar"

11:40-12:10 (25+5min) U. Uggerhoj
Stopping and ionization at few keV"

12:10-12:40 (25+5min) E. Lodi-Rizzini
"Antiproton-nucleus annihilation at very low energies down to capture"

Session 6. Chair: H. Schmidt-Boecking

11:20-12:00 (35+5 min) R. Hayano
"Prospects of CPT tests using antiprotonic helium and antihydrogen"

12:00-12:30 (25+5min) A. Mohri
"Non-Neutral Plasma Confinement in a Cusp-Trap and Possible Application to Anti-Hydrogen Beam Generation"

12:30-13:00 (25+5min) H. Gorke
"A compact setup of fast pnCCDs for exotic atom measurements"

Session 10. Chair: H. Wollnik

11:20-11:50 (25+5 min) P. Strasser
"Muonic Atom of Unstable Nuclei"

11:50-12:20 (25+5 min) S. Terashima
"Neutron density distributions of the Sn isotopes and Ca isotopes extracted from the proton elastic scattering"

12:20-12:50 (25+5 min) F. Herfurth
Highly charged ions at rest: The HITRAP project at GSI"

12:40-14:10 (90min)  Lunch Break 13:00-14:30 (90min) Lunch Break 12:50-14:10 (80min) Lunch Break

Session 3. Chair: J. Eades

14:10-14:50 (35+5min)   K. Jungmann
"Low Energy Antiproton Experiments - A Review"

14:50-15:20 (25+5min)   J. Hangst
"Project ALPHA - A New Experiment for Antihydrogen Production and Trapping"

15:20-15:50 (25+5min)   D. Grzonka
ATRAP - on the way to trapped Antihydrogen"

Session 7. Chair: J. Ullrich

14:30-15:00  (25+5min) M. Fujiwara
"Imaging Antimatter: The Challenges and Applications"

15:00-15:30  (25+5min) H. Saitoh
"Confinement of toroidal non-neutral plasma in Proto-RT."

15:30-15:50 (15+5min) H. Higaki
"On the possibility of non-neutral antiproton plasmas and antihydrogen plasmas"

15:50-16:20  (25+5min) N. Kuroda
"Control of plasmas for production of ultraslow antiproton beams"

Session 11. Chair: T. Motobayashi

14:10-14:40 (25+5min) P. Kienle
"An Antiproton Ion Collider (AIC) for Measuring Neutron and Proton Distributions of Stable and Radioactive Nuclei"

14:40-15:10 (25+5min) A. Ozawa
"Nuclear matter radii determined by interaction cross sections"

15:10-15:40 (25+5min) T. Suda
Structure studies of unstable nuclei by electron scattering"

15:50-16:10 (20min) Coffee Break 16:20-16:50 (30min) Coffee Break 15:40-16:00 (20min) Coffee Break

Session 4. Chair: M. Fujiwara

16:20-17:00 (35+5min)   R. Lehnert
"Lorentz and CPT tests involving antiprotons"

17:00-17:30 (25+5min)   P. Bowe
"Anti-hydrogen production conditions in ATHENA. What we (don't) know."

17:30-18:00 (25+5min)   P. Perez
"A new path toward gravity experiments with anti-hydrogen"

Session 8. Chair: K. Jungmann

16:50-17:30 (35+5min)   D. Horvath
"The Deepest Symmetries of Nature"

17:30-18:10 (35+5min)   J. Eades
"The Antiproton and How it was Discovered"

Session 12. Chair: J. Zmeskal

16:00-16:30 (25+5 min) M. Wada
"Antiprotonic Radioactive Atoms for Nuclear Structure Studies"

16:30-17:00 (25+5min)   K. Nagamine
"Muonic Antihydrogen; Production and Test of CPT Theorem "

17:00-17:10 (10min)   J. Ullrich
"News Topics: "

17:10-17:40 (30min)   Y. Yamazaki
"Toward the Ultra Slow Antiproton Physics: general Discussion"

  18:10-20:00 Banquet   

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