Slice by Slice Segmentation

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1) Slice-by-Slice

This tool supports fully manual segmentation in which you can paint foreground voxels on each slice. This tool is time consuming. I recommend to use it only if other tools are not applicable.



  1. Click "Menu > ModeSwitch > Segmentation Slice-by-Slice" to start
  2. Perform segmentation by Slice by Slice tool (see below)
  3. Click Finish button in tool dialog and specify region ID.
Select and set the xy/yz/zx cross section before painting (from visualization parameter dialog (top right)).

Paint Mode "Paint" button in tool dialog.
Shift + L-Drag : to paint foreground voxel.
Shift + R-Drag : to paint background voxel.

Lasso Mode "Lasso" button in tool dialog.
Shift + L-Drag : to draw foreground boundary.
Shift + R-Drag : to draw background boundary.

Space key : temporally turn off the foreground visualization on cross sections.

Tool dialog to switch "Paint" tool and "Lasso" tool