Jan 23 (Tue)
Prof. Eun-Gook Moon (KAIST)
"Exotic Z2 Symmetry Breaking Transitions in 2D Correlated Systems "
Jan 24 (Wed)
Dr. Shingo Kobayashi (Nagoya University)
"Flat-band Andreev bound states in nodal crystalline superconductors"
Mar 1 (Thr)
Prof. Ying Ran (Boston College)
"Symmetric tensor networks and generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems"
Apr 24 (Tue)
Prof. Haruki Watanabe (University of Tokyo)
"Many-body polarization and Thouless pump via twisted boundary condition"
Aug 23 (Thr)
Dr. Chang-Tse Hsieh (Kavli IPMU, ISSP)
"Discrete gauge anomalies revisited"
Sep 28 (Fri)
Dr. Tsuyoshi Okubo (University of Tokyo)
"Tensor network study on Kitaev materials"
Oct 2 (Tue)
Prof. Thomas Schmidt (University of Luxembourg)
"Z4 parafermions in one-dimensional quantum systems"