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  1. Low Temperature Crystal Structures and Band Parameters in b'-(Me4-xEtxZ)[Pd(dmit)2]2

  2. Structure Phase Transition and Electrical Properties of a Single-component Molecular Crystal [Ni(ddds)2] (ddds = 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin-2,3-diselenolate) under High Pressure

  3. Nuclear Spin-spin Relaxation of 13C in (Cation)[Pt(dmit)2]2

  4. Synthesis and Electronic Properties of Bilayer Type Molecular Conductors Based on Asymmetrical Donor Molecules

  5. Antiferromagnetic Insulating Phase of l-(BETS)2FeCl4 Studied by Electron Spin Resonance

  6. Non-Fermi-liquid Behavior and their Doping Asymmetry in an Organic Mott Electric-double-layer Transistor

  7. Investigation of Superconducting Phase Diagram of an Organic Mott Insulator Using Simultaneous Control of Electric Field and Strain

  8. Anisotropic Pressure and Career Doping Effect for Molecular Conductor EtMe3P[Pd(dmit)2]2

  9. Control of Electronic Properties of Diamond by Boron/Nitrogen Injection Using High Energy Ion Source

  10. Nuclear Relaxations of Type-II Dirac Electronic System NixTe2 (x = 1.17)