Tadashi Machida

Update : 7th, February, 2020
Affiliation :
Center for Emergent Matter Science,
Emergent Phenomena Measurement Research Team

Position : Research Scientist

Research field : Condensed matter physics (Experiment)
  • Visualization of electronic structure by STM
    • Exotic superconductors: Cuprates, Iron-based SCs. Topological SCs
    • Exotic semiconductors : Valleytronic materials, Black phosphorous
  • Development of STM
    • STM-assisted Near-Field Microwave Microscope
    • Ultra-high magnetic field (17.5T) ultra-low temperature (85 mK) STM

STM Data Gallary

FeSeTe DR-STM Bi2212 3R_NbS2 BP BiS2 IrTe2 FeTe