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Gene name SPBC244.03
Gene ID 28/G08
Gene synonyms/obsolete sec27; SPBC16C6.13c
Gene product coatomer (beta' subunit); 6 WD repeat protein; the coatomer is a cytosolic protein complex that binds to dilysine motifs and reversibly associates with Golgi non- clathrin-coated vesicles, which further mediate biosynthetic protein transport from the ER, via the Golgi up to the trans Golgi network; Coatomer complex is required for budding from Golgi membranes, and is essential for the retrograde Golgi-to-ER transport of dilysine-tagged proteins (By similarity)
Entry clone Cloned
ORF length (unspliced) 2453
ORF length (spliced) 2391
Entry clone length 2453
No. of intron 1
Sequence status Finished
Sequence results 1208T:C / 1828T:C / 2324T:C
Polymerase used for cloning Platinum Taq HiFi (Invitrogen)
Fwd primer name SPBC244.03.Fd
Rev primer name SPBC244.03.Rv
Amino acid length 796
Molecular weight 89.8
Isoelectric point (calc.) 4.7
Signal SEQ
No. of transmembrane domain
NLS position (Columbia Univ. Bioinformatics Center) none
NES motif ( L-x(2,3)-[IVLMF]-x(2,3)-L-x-[LI]) none
Localization (YFP) cytosol=nucleus
Comments for localization
Effect of LMB on protein localization no change
Microscope used for observation Leica

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