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Description of Research Areas

Research topic A:Solid-state device quantum cybernetics

Proposed Research A01:
Study of superconducting quantum cybernetics

Project Leader: Jaw-Shen Tsai Team Leader, RIKEN; Senior Researcher, NEC Nanoelectronics Laboratory

The main contents of this research will include study of quantum feedback control of quantum states with quantum nondestructive readout, implementation of quantum algorithms using coupled Josephson junction quantum bits (qubits), identification of noise source that dominates the decoherence of the qubit and search for low-noise materials that improve the decoherence time of the system, and experiments on hybrid quantum systems in which Josephson qubits are coherently coupled to photons or mechanical degree of freedom.

Also included in this proposed research are demonstration of scalable qubits, extension of the decoherence time of qubits, analog quantum coherent devices, and quantum optics and quantum acoustics using artificial atoms (quantum bits) in systems in which superconducting quantum bits are coupled to an electromagnetic or mechanical resonator. The theoretical group will perform theoretical studies on the coupling of superconducting quantum bits to an electromagnetic or mechanical resonator, control of the number of photons, and single photon sources.

Details : 「Publications」