RIKEN-APW joint workshop
“Highlights in condensed matter physics”

Date: Jan. 23-25, 2014
Venue: Okochi Hall, RIKEN, Wako, Saitama, Japan

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*Final (update: Jan. 23, 2014)

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*Last update: January 10, 2014

Thursday, Jan. 23

10:00-12:00Session: 1 Chair: N. Nagaosa
Th01S. Maekawa
“Theory of spin current generation”
Th02S. Hoshino
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“Odd-frequency superconductivity induced by multi-channel Kondo effect”
Th03M. Ogata
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“Spin Hall effect and large diamagnetism of Dirac electrons”
Y. Bang
(Chonnam National Univ.)
“Renormalization of the Specific Heat Coefficient and the Density of States in the Interacting Fermion Systems”
13:30-15:30Session: 2 Chair: A. Furusaki
Th05T. Shibauchi
(Kyoto Univ.)
“Quantum criticality in iron-pnictide superconductors”
Th06H. Tsunetsugu
(ISSP, Univ. of Tokyo)
“Exotic divergence of quadrupole susceptibility in an orbital order state”
Th07F.C. Zhang
(Univ. of Hong Kong* 2014/1~ Zhejiang Univ.)
“Localized States and Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Si-Doped InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells”
Th08N. Kawakami
(Kyoto Univ.)
“Correlation effects in artificially layered Kondo superlattices”
16:00-17:30Session: 3 Chair: N. Kawakami
S. Yip
(Academia Sinica)
“High spin Fermi liquid”
Th10Y. Tanaka
(Nagoya Univ.)
“Theory of superconducting topological insulator”
Th11A. Furusaki
“Stability of surface Dirac fermions against disorder”

Friday, Jan. 24

10:00-12:00Session: 4 Chair: F.C. Zhang
Fr01J. Yu
(Seoul National Univ.)
“Physics of J=1/2 State in 5d Transition Metal Oxides”
Fr02O. Sugino
(ISSP, Univ. of Tokyo)
“Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of the electrode solution interface”
Fr03P. Werner
(Univ. of Fribourg)
“Doublon diffusion in Mott insulators”
Fr04R. Arita
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“First-principles study of the Mott transition and superconductivity in A3C60
12:00-14:30Lunch & Poster Session
14:30-16:00Session: 5-1 Chair: R. Arita
Fr05T. K. Lee
(Academia Sinica)
“Mott physics revealed in high temperature superconductors by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering experiments”
Fr06T. Mizushima
(Okayama Univ.)
“Symmetry Protected Topological Superfluids and Superconductors”
Fr07T. Claeson
(Chalmers Univ. of Technology)
“The interface of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 : Experimental clues”
16:30-17:30Session: 5-2 Chair: R. Arita
K. T. Law
“Inducing Correlated Spin Currents using BDI class Topological Superconductors”
Fr09M. Ueda
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“How Maxwell's demon was exorcised: the minimum energy cost for measurement and erasure of information”

Saturday, Jan. 25

10:00-11:30Session: 6 Chair: S. Maekawa
Sa01A. Fert
(Univ. Paris-Sud)
“Conversion between charge and spin currents by spin-orbit effects and examples of applications in spintronics”
Sa02X. Jin
(Fudan Univ.)
“Quantum transport in epitaxial Bi(111) thin films”
Sa03H. Adachi
“Spin Seebeck Effect and Spin Heat Conveyer”
13:00-15:00Session: 7 Chair: Y. Bang
Sa04H. Kawamura
(Osaka Univ.)
“Quantum spin-liquid behavior in the spin-1/2 random Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice”
Sa05N. Shannon
“Quantum spin ice”
Sa06M. Oshikawa
(ISSP, Univ. of Tokyo)
“Intrinsic Angular Momentum and Edge States of Chiral Superfluids”
Sa07T. Oka
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“Driven Dirac system and gauge/gravity duality”
15:30-17:30Session: 8 Chair: T. K. Lee
Sa08M. Kawasaki
(Univ. of Tokyo)
“Even Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall Physics in ZnO”
Sa09C. Kim
(Yonsei Univ.)
“Photoemission study of the role of the orbital angular momentum in the Rashba and Dresselhaus effects”
Sa10X. Dai
(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
“Topological phases in mix valence compounds”
Sa11G. Kotliar
(Rutgers Univ.)
“Bad Metallic Transport in Model Hamiltonian Studies and in Transition Metal Oxides”

Poster Session (12:00-14:30, Friday, Jan. 24)

P01K. Kikutake  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“zero-energy counting rule in silicene nanodisks”
P02S. A. Jafari  (Sharif Univ. of Technology)
“New features of pseudogap Kondo problem in vacant graphene”
P03N. Takemori  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Local electron correlation in quasi-periodic system”
P04S. Tanaka  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Phase Transition with Discrete Symmetry Breaking in Geometrically Frustrated Heisenberg Models”
P05M. Sakaida  (Kyoto Univ.)
“Disorder effects on superfluidity and charge-density-wave in SU(N) Fermi systems”
P06R. Shindou  (ICQM, Peking Univ.)
“magnetostatic wave analog of integer quantum Hall states in patterned magnetic films”
P07M. Sato  (Aoyama Gakuin Univ. )
“Laser-induced Floquet states and non-equilibrium magnetization processes in quantum antiferromagnets”
P08S. Sakai  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Evidences of s-wave structure for pseudogap in cuprate superconductors”
P09T. Morimoto  (RIKEN)
“Stability of surface states of general weak Z2 topological insulators and superconductors”
P10T. Aono  (Ibaraki Univ.)
“Electron transport properties of Dirac fermions through a quantum dot”
P11R. Tamura  (National Institute for Materials Science)
“Magnetic structure dependence of magnetic refrigeration efficiency”
P12A. Beekman  (RIKEN)
“Liberating the rotational Goldstone modes in quantum liquid crystals”
P13R. Takashima  (Kyoto Univ.)
“Electrodynamics in Skyrmions merging”
P14N. Endo  (Kyoto Univ.)
“ac Hall conductivity in correlated topological insulators”
P15S. Ueda  (Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Univ.)
“Interface physics in heterostructures of Kondo lattices”
P16T. Yoshida  (Kyoto Univ.)
“Mott physics in one-dimensional topological insulators”
P17F. Matsuda  (Kyoto Univ.)
“Topological Equivalence in One-dimensional Bosons with Quasiperiodic Modulation and Interaction”
P18S. Nakosai  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Topological Superconductivity with Magnetic Material Attached on s-wave Superconductor”
P19M. Mori  (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
“Phonon Hall effect in rare-earth garnet”
P20H. Isobe  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Enhancement of spin-orbit interaction by electron correlation”
P21Y. Okanami  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Stability of the superfluid state in three-component fermionic optical lattice systems”
P22N. Sakumichi  (RIKEN)
“Perron-Frobenius theorem on the superfluid transition of an ultracold Fermi gas”
P23Y. Nomura  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Do electron-phonon interactions enhance orbital fluctuations in iron-based superconductors?”
P24B.-J. Yang  (RIKEN CEMS )
“Quantum criticality of topological phase transitions in 3D interacting electronic systems”
P25R. Wakatsuki  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Josephson current induced topological class change in multiple Majorana wire system”
P26J. Iwasaki  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Large angle skew-scattering of magnons off a skyrmion”
P27J. Nasu  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Finite temperature phase transition and magnetic properties of a quantum spin liquid in a 3D Kitaev model on a hyperhoneycomb lattice”
P28S. Hayami  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Exploring topological insulators under a triple-Q magnetic order”
P29Y. Saito  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Two dimensionality in electric field induced superconductivity”
P30R. Igarashi  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“MateriApps: Portal Site for Materials Science Simulation”
P31F. Ishii  (Kanazawa Univ.)
“First-principles study of Rashba effect in ferroelectric oxides ”
P32S. Furukawa  (Univ. of Tokyo)
“Global phase diagram of two-component Bose gases in antiparallel magnetic fields”
P33K. Kobayashi  (Sophia Univ.)
“Phase diagram and DOS scaling in topological insulators”
P34K. Imura  (AdSM, Hiroshima Univ.)
“Robustness of the Dirac semimetal in three spatial dimensions”
P35J. S. Lee  (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
“Coherent THz control of the spin precession in orthoferrite YFeO3