FIRST-QS2C WS on "Emergent Phenomena of Correlated Materials"

December 12-15, 2011
Okinawa, Japan

Important Dates
Invited Speakers

The program of the workshop will consist of Oral sessions including invited talks, short talk session and Poster session.

A certain number of contributed papers may be promoted for oral presentations or short presentations with posters.

Oral presentations

Each oral presentation is including time for discussion.
A PC projector will be available. Speakers, who intend to use the PC projector, are advised to bring your own laptop computer.
If you plan to use the conference PC, please bring your data by USB memory and inform us the software of presentation file and OS version.

Short presentations

Those who are promoted to the short presentations, please prepare a 5-minutes presentation on their posters. The presentation is without discussion.

Poster presentations

Poster session is scheduled to provide opportunities for selected works to be presented in greater visual details and to facilitate vigorous discussions with interested attendees.

Each author is provided a W900 mm x H1200 mm poster board to display. Authors must stay in the vicinity of the board during of the session to answer questions of attendees.

Since the limitation of the size of the conference hall, maximum number of poster presentations is limited to around 80.

Specs of the conference PC:

OS: Windows XP, Japanese version
Application: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Japanese version