RIKEN Seminars in 2010

Feb. 19
Prof. Igor Herbut (Simon Fraser University)
"Zero-energy states and the ordered core of the Dirac mass vortex in graphene"
Mar. 1
Prof. Ki-Seok Kim (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics)
"Superconductivity from a non-Fermi liquid metal near heavy fermion quantum criticality"
Mar. 4
Prof. Konstantin Matveev (Argonne National Laboratory)
"Conductance of fully equilibrated quantum wires"
May 26
Prof. Karlo Penc (Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Hungary)
"Role of the Dzyaloshsinkii-Moriya -interactions on the phase diagram and excitations in SrCu2(BO3)2"
June 25
Prof. Yukio Tanaka (Nagoya University)
"奇周波数クーパー対の物理" (in Japanese)
June 30
Prof. Masaki Oshikawa (ISSP, University of Tokyo)
"Topological order and entanglement spectrum in one dimensional quantum spin systems"
August 30
Prof. Nic Shannon (University of Bristol, UK)
"Supersolid phases in a realistic three-dimensional spin model"
September 16
Dr. Christopher Mudry (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)
"On the divergence of the sheet resistivity in graphene and its connection to Kekule induced by a magnetic field"
Dec. 16
Mr. Takuya Kitagawa (Harvard University)
"Topological characterization of periodically driven systems"