Tetsuo Hanaguri has been devoted to develop instruments, particularly low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope (STM). I always take a lot of work to buy appropriate materials, to find good machine shops and to find tips for handicraft. Followings are part of my experiences. If you would like to know more about these, please feel free to email me. I would like to hear your feedback as well.

Remarks on cryogen use

Technical drawings of our STM unit

PDF files are available from the links below. The unit is in mm. Comments in the drawings are in Japanese. Any questions and comments are very welcome.
STM unit
Tip holder, sample holder and chuck

Piezo tube design

UHV-compatible soldering


Small amount of special wires are difficult to buy. I bought them from:

Machining ceramics

Use of ceramics as STM body materials is a good idea but ceramics are difficult to machine. Following companies are able to machine various engineering ceramics very precisely.

Cutting tungsten wires

Stripping insulation layers of thin wires

Tetsuo Hanaguri's HP