Welcome to Computational Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory

Our main aim is to theoretically understand various novel quantum phases and phenomena in a wide range of materials by microscopically studying the electronic structures. One of our main interests includes strongly interacting electronic systems such as different kinds of transition metal oxides (cuprates, manganites, etc), for which the novel ground states, low-lying collective excitations, and quantum transport properties are studied using various state-of-the-art numerical methods. Oxide heterostructures, mainly based on transition metal oxides, are one of our recent focus projects to theoretically predict a new functionality for strongly correlated electronics. We are also devoted to develop new numerical methods for quantum many-body systems in general.

Research subjects

  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Cold atoms, optical lattice
  • Quantum transport
  • Topological insulator
  • Development of numerical method


May 2, 2022
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