Workshop on Physics with Ultra Slow Antiproton Beams

March 14 - 16, 2005, RIKEN
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Co-chair: Y. Yamazaki, M. Wada, A. Mohri, N. Kuroda
Sponsors: RIKEN, The Society of Atomic Collision Research

Recent progresses of manipulating antiprotons, particularly trapping, cooling, trimming, and extracting antiprotons allows the start of a new cross disciplinary field with trapped as well as ultra-slow antiprotons. The present workshop is organized intending to provide an occasion for scientists in the related fields to gather together, to exchange ideas, and to brain-storm new research subjects. The fields to be covered are fundamental physics related to CPT symmetry, nuclear structure studies, atomic collisions, atomic physics including antihydrogen.

Physics of Antiprotons Physics with Antiprotons New Instrumentation
CPT symmetry
Atomic Collisions
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Structure
Plasma Physics
Accumulator, Decelerator
Antihydrogen Synthesizer

Invited Speakers (updated Mar. 1st, 2005) (hyperlinks to their abstracts)

P. Bowe, CERN
J. Eades, CERN
M. Fujiwara, TRIUMF
D. Grzonka, Juelich
J. Hangst, Aarhus
D. Horvath, KVKI
R. Lehnert, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville
K. Jungmann, KVI, Groningen
P. Perez, Saclay

J. Cohen, LANL
D. Gotta, Juelich
R. Hayano, Tokyo
H. Higaki, Tsukuba
P. Kienle, Vienna
N. Kuroda, RIKEN
E. Lodi-Rizzini, Brecia
H. Saitoh, Tokyo
H. Schmidt-Boecking, Frankfurt
A. Trzcinska, Warsaw
U. Uggerhoj, Aarhus
J. Ullrich, MPI, Heidelberg
M. Wada, RIKEN
S. Wychek, Warsaw
A. Mohri, RIKEN
H. Gorke, Juelich
A. Rosowsky, Saclay
H. Torii, Tokyo
V. Varentsov, St.Petersburg

Related Physics
F. Herfurth, GSI
A. Ozawa, Tsukuba
P. Strasser, KEK
T. Suda, RIKEN
S. Terashima, Kyoto

Program (hyperlinks to Abstracts and Presentation PDF files) Book of Abstract here (pdf 1.7M)

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