Our unit provides high quality structural characterization methods to the field of biological science, aiming to further understand the mechanism and action of biological molecules. We manage specialized and technical instruments including protein chemical analyses, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance,X-ray analyzer and ultracentrifugal analysis. Our challenge to research, develop and fine-tune novel characterization methods for biological molecules, is an endless yet rewarding process.

What's New?

A search engine, Ariadne, was developed for the identification of RNAs by retrieving sequence databases using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) data.

Research Topics

  • Development and Application of Analytical Methods for Structural Details on Biological Molecules
  • Development of Quantitative Analysis of Biomolecules
  • RNA Mass Spectrometry

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Team HeadUnit Leader:
Naoshi Dohmae, Ph.D.

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Table of Isotopic Masses

 1H	1.00782503223
12C	12
14N	14.00307400443
16O	15.99491461957
32S	31.9720711744 

Table of Amino Acid Molecular Masses