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Shigemi Yoshida (ph.D.Agr.): September 21, 1960 in Shizuoka, Japan. B.S., Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University (1983), Ph.D., Agriculture, Kyoto University (1992), MBA, Graduate School of Management, Globis University (2010). He was a researcher or managerial positions at research laboratory, R&D planning and business development in Meiji Seika (now Meiji Seika Pharma) or Banyu Pharmaceutical (now MSD), and 2010-present Business Development Office Director, RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms.

This program is aiming to transfer drug discovery and medical technologies to companies or medical institutions eventually. We are exploring the outstanding seeds of drug discovery and medical technology nurtured on basic research at RIKEN or collaborating universities and research institutes, and conducting seed identification and lead optimization utilizing drug discovery platforms at RIKEN and other external platforms network. We take charge alliance of our themes and projects on collaborative research or licensing with companies, academic or other institutions.


Fig.1 Alliance, Cooperation, Coordination

 We are looking for partners for the drug discovery and medical technology themes and projects at any time. If you are interested in any of these themes and projects, we will introduce the non-confidential descriptions first, and subsequently pleased to disclose descriptions upon conclusion of a confidentiality agreement.

 Formats for an alliance include license agreements where we provide the relevant information, joint research where we advance research and development on specific themes together with corporate partners, or license agreements by means of negotiations that prioritize deliverables and assess progress in research and development. It is also possible to create formats in accordance with the requests of corporations.

alliance flow

Fig.2 Alliance Flow

Exit Strategy -bridging 3 steps-

We suggest following 3 steps of exit strategy.

  • Exit1:MTA or joint research alliance of a specific target protein or disease. Transfer at the drug discovery target (seed compound) stage.(MTA / Joint research)
  • Exit2:Alliance with company at patent application. Transfer outstanding claims include under development chemistry at the application stage. (License / Joint research)
  • Exit3:Transfer at the pre-clinical or clinical development product stage.(Lisence / Joint research)

Exit Strategy

Fig.3 Exit Strategy

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