“Opening Symposium of QS2C Theory Forum” will be held in Sept. 27-30, 2010 at RIKEN Wako Campus near downtown Tokyo, Japan. This is the opening activity of the Strong Correlation Quantum Theory Forum supported by
“Quantum Science of Strongly Correlated Systems”
(leader: Prof. Yoshinori Tokura, University of Tokyo and RIKEN) in “World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology
(FIRST Program)”.
The purpose of this workshop is to promote the discussions and the international collaborations on the studies of quantum theory of strong correlation with the following focuses.

  • First-principles electronic structure calculation
  • Simulations of quantum many-body systems
  • Spintronics
  • Topological phenomena
  • Quantum computing
  • New phenomena in correlated systems

To stimulate intensive discussions, the number of participants will be limited to approximately 150 people, including about 35 invited speakers. The program will be organized with sufficient time for discussions. We also invite the applications of poster presentations.