Surface Chemistry Laboratory

Research Subjects

[1] Fundamental studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces.

  • Single molecule chemistry;

  • a) Vibrational spectroscopy.

    b) Dynamical processes

  • Electronic state of molecules adsorbed on metals;

  • a) Photoemission study.
    --- Model catalyst Au/TiO2(110)

    b) STM study
    --- DNA molecules and strands

  • Elementary process of reactions on solid surfaces;

  • a) Kinetics and dynamics on adsorption, migration and desorption.
    --- Dynamics on molecular interaction. (to be started)

    b) Interaction between adsorbed molecules
    --- Fundamental molecules (CO, hydrocarbons) alkane thiol, etc.

    [2] Surface chemistry of soft materials

  • Condensed water molecules;

  • Surface of crystal ice, molecular interaction with methane, etc.

  • Organic molecules;

  • Direct Si-C bond formation by applying techniques of organic synthsis

    [3] Physical properties of low dimensional systems.

  • Layer controlled synthesis of thin films.(2D);

  • a) Manganates.
    --- Organic molecules on Si(100); Controlling the Interface; Field effects

    b) Ferroelectric.
    --- PZT nano-property

  • One dimensional systems; Metal on vicinal Au(111) surface;

  • Physics of atomic impurity;
    Magnetic impurity; Fe/ Cu(111), Au etc.

  • Highlights