Research fields


PStrongly correlated electron systems

P-P Mott transition in the 2D Hubbard model

P-Q Universality of Mott transition

P-R 1D orbital excitation in perovskite vanadium oxides

P-S Quantum melting of spin ice


QGeneral theory of nonequilibrium-nonlinear phenomena by electromagnetic field

Q-P Gauge-covariant Wigner representation of the Keldysh formalism

Q-Q Hall effect

Q-R Zener tunneling and breakdown


RAnomalous Hall transport phenomena

R-P Intrinsic Berry-phase mechanism and extrinsic mechanisms

R-Q Universal scaling relation in dirty ferromagnetic metals

R-R Anomalous Nernst-Ettingshausen and Leduc-Righi effects

R-S Spin-chirality mechanism


SSpin Hall effect


TTopological nature of ferroelectric polarization

T-P Quantum charge pumping

T-Q Quantum theory of capacitance



U-P Cluster analysis of electric polarization of magnetic origin

U-Q 1D spin-1/2 multiferroics: chiral soliton

U-R Spin cholesteric (chiral nematic) phase in frustrated classical spin systems

U-S Schwinger-boson mean-field theory of low-dimensional frustrated quantum spin systems

U-T Toroidal moment


and many others.