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・RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP)

・Tera-photonics Laboratory

・Terahertz Quantum Device Laboratory

Research institute

・Kawase Laboratory,Group of Optical Quantum Engineering,Dept. of Quantum Engineering,Graduate School of Engineering,Nagoya-University

・Institute of Laser Engineering,OSAKA University(Tonouchi Lab.)

・Optical Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Shinshu University

・Terahertz Technology Research Center, National Instisute of information and Communications Technology(NICT)

・Department of Physics Tohoku University Home

academic conference

・The Physical Society of Japan(JPS)

・The Japan Society of Applied Physics(JSAP)

・Terahertz Technology Forum

・The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE)

・Tech, Group on Terahertz Application Systems

・The Laser Society of Japan