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Otani group in ISSP at the University of Tokyo and the Quantum Nano-Scale Magnetism Research Team in Center for Emergent Matter Science at RIKEN are conducting researches on spintronics in a mutulally complementary manner.

Nano-scale magnets can have, according to their shape and size, ordered domain structures such as magnetic vortices and single-domains. Using experimental and theoretical approaches, we study static and dynamical magnetic properties of nano-scale magnets, to obtain a better understanding of the quantum behavior associated with domain wall displacement and magnetization reversal. Moreover, we employ spin injection techniques using nano-scale magnets as electrodes which provide spin-polarized current. This spin-injection induced magnetism will be applied to the development of spintronic devices.

Group Members

1/Nov.       Our website has been renewed!
1/Jun.       Member page is updated
2/Nov.       Photos for Dr. Zhu's defense party were up
2/Oct.       Hwang's paper has been updated on RIKEN RESEARCH Highlight
3/Aug.       Publications page updated
25/Jun.       MEXT Minister Prize was sent to Prof. Otani!
1/Apr.       Dr. Khanh,Mr. Hirai joined our group!
23/Jul.       Group photo updated
22/Mar.       Status Meeting on Nano Spin Conversion Science was held
7/Mar.       U. Tokyo Press Release has been updated
23/Jan.       Group photo updated !
10/Jan.       Published in PRB
1/Oct.       Mr. Wu joined our group
3/Sept.       Group events page updated
24/Jul.       Mingran's paper has been updated on RIKEN RESEARCH Highlight !
25/Apr.       Group events page updated
23/Apr.       Dr. Leo, Dr. Yokouchi & Mr. Nakada joined our group!
1/Feb.       Event, and Publications were updated!
28/Nov.       Jorge's paper has been updated on RIKEN RESEARCH Highlight !
24/Nov.       Bivas's paper has been updated on RIKEN RESEARCH Highlight
13/Oct.       Mr. Zhu, Ms. Kobayashi & Mr. Nan joined our group
6/Oct.       MSJ Achievement Award was sent to Prof. Otani
6/Oct.       JSAP Paper Award was sent to Dr. Karube, Kondou, Prof. Otani
21/Sept.       International Presentations updated
26/Jun.       Photos for farewell Party have been updated!
18/Apr.       Dr. Higo & Mr. Mogi joined our group
2/Feb.       Domestic Presentations updated
12/Dec.       Photos for Year-end Party have been updated!
17/Nov.       Photos for Beer Factory Tour have been updated
15/Mar.       Young Scientists' Prize was sent to Assoc. Prof. Niimi
8/May       Dr. Muduli & Mr. Auvray joined our group
24/Apr.       Group photo updated
7/Apr.       NPSMP2015 will be held at ISSP in June
25/Mar.       Commencement ceremony was held
2/Mar.       Ms. Ota joined our group!
13/Feb.       Dr. Kim & Dr. Puebla N. joined our group
6/Feb.       Taro's defense photos updated
23/Jan.       Published in Physica E
19/Dec.       Physics Prize was award to Mr. Hasegawa!
7/Nov.       Made presentations at MMM Hawaii
17/Sept.       Publications page updated
22/Aug.       International Presentations updated
23/Jun.       Job Opportunities is updated!
11/Apr.       Group photo updated
7/Apr.       Group events page updated
27/Mar.       Assis. Prof. Niimi received JPS Young Scientist Award!
19/Mar.       Dr. Idzuchi received Dean's Award!
17/Mar.       Assis. Prof. Niimi received ISSP Young Scientist Medal!
24/Jan.       introduced in ISSP Press Release!
12/Dec.       introduced in RIKEN Press Release!
11/Nov.       Assis. Prof. Niimi received Best Poster Award!
15/Oct.       Ms. Mandal joined our group!
25/Sept.       Mr. Kodama & Mr. Anami joined our group
27/Aug.       Prof. Dr. Klaus v. Klitzing visited our lab!
14/Aug.       Domestic Presentations updated
9/Aug.       International Presentations updated
2/Aug.       International Presentations updated
19/Jul.       International Presentations updated
5/Jul.       Group events page updated
25/Jun.       Florent joined our group
24/May       Publications page updated
30/Apr.       members page updated
19/Apr.       Group photo updated
21/Mar.       Farewell Party for Suzuki, Fujimori, Ruma page updated
26/Feb.       International Presentations updated
18/Feb.       Visited S. N. Bose in India
23/Jan.       released in Todai Research
10/Jan.       Arnab joined our group
8/Jan.       ISSP press release
8/Jan.       Publications page updated
13/Nov.       International Presentations updated
30/Oct.       Published in SPIN
4/Oct.       We participated ICMFS2012, Shanghai
9/Sept.       Published in Nature Communications
9/Sept.       ISSP release release updated(in Japanese)
8/Aug.       Ruma joined our group
24/May       Research pages revised
23/May       members page updated
11/Apr.       Group photo updated
15/Mar.       Group events page updated
1/Mar.       Domestic Presentations updated
14/Feb.       International Presentations updated
5/Jan.       Publications page updated
13/Sep.       Referred in NPG Asia Materials
25/Aug.       International Presentations updated
5/Aug.       International Presentations updated
15/Jul.       Group events page updated
1/Jul.       Appeared in The Science News(in Japanese)
24/Jun.       Publications page updated
14/Jun.       Appeared in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun(in Japanese)
11/Apr.       Mr. Suzuki & Mr. Fujimori joined our group!
1/Dec.       Dr. Kasai joined our group
5/Oct.       Dr. Aoki & Dr. A. Barman & Dr. S. Barman joined our group
23/Apr.       Dr. Wei & Mr. Kawanishi & Mr. Wakamura joined our group
25/Mar.       Group events page updated
17/Mar.       Conferences page updated
18/Feb.       Group events page updated
10/Feb.       Domestic Presentations & International Presentations pages updated
28/Jan.       International Presentations updated
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19/Jan.       Group events page updated
4/Dec.       Dr. Niimi joined our group
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4/Nov.       International Presentations updated
27/Oct.       Group events page updated
20/Oct.       Group events page updated
19/Oct.       Publications page updated
14/Oct.       Domestic Presentations pages updated
16/Sep.       Domestic Presentations pages updated
14/Sep.       Dr. You & Dr. Gaier joined our group
4/Aug.       Dr. Togawa updated
30/Jun.       International Presentations updated
18/Jun.       Group events page updated
9/Jun.       Group News page updated
19/May       Ms. Oshimori joined our group
21/Apr.       Mr. Sugimoto & Mr. Idzuchi joined our group
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20/Jan.       Mr. Deng joined our group & Group events page updated
10/Dec.       Recruitment page added
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1/Sep.       Mr. Wang joined our group
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2/Jul.       Conferences page updated
5/Jun.       Group events page updated
29/May       Dr. Barman & Dr. Barman joined our group
16/May       Group events page & Group News page updated
25/Apr.       Ms. Morota & Ms. Sakata & Mr. Nanaumi joined our group
17/Apr.       Dr. Fukuma & Dr. Laloë joined our group
11/Mar.       Group events pages updated
10/Jan.       Mr. Thalabard joined our group as an intern student
18/Dec.       Group events page updated
14/Nov.       Group events page updated
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3/Apr.       Research Link page updated
2/Apr.       Dr. Sekiguchi & Mr. Onishi joined our group as a JSPS research fellow & a M.Eng. candidate, respectively
31/Mar.       Dr. Shibata became a Associate Professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and Mr. Ishida completed his M.Eng. course. Group events & Members pages updated accordingly
1/Mar.       Group events page & Research Link pages updated
16/Jan.       Ms. Moyerman joined our group as a visitor
20/Dec.       Publications pages updated
19/Dec.       Group events & Publications pages updated
18/Dec.       Members pages updated
1/Sep.       Dr Vila joined our group as a postdoc.
30/Aug.       Research Link pages updated
18/Jul.       Group News pageupdated
3/Jul.       Categories in Research, Publications, International Conferences & Japanese Conferences pages modified
3/Jul.       Publications updated
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International Presentations updated
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11/May       Web page renewed
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