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Publications 1986-1999


  • Kimura, K., V. V. Rybenkov, N. J. Crisona, T. Hirano* and N. R. Cozzarelli*. (1999). 13S condensin actively reconfigures DNA by introducing global positive writhe: implications for chromosome condensation. Cell. 98:239-248 (*co-corresponding authors).
    PMID: 10428035
  • Hirano, T. (1999). SMC-mediated chromosome mechanics: a conserved scheme from bacteria to vertebrates? Genes Dev. 13:11-19.
    PMID: 9887095

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  • Hirano, M. and T. Hirano. (1998). ATP-dependent aggregation of single-stranded DNA by a bacterial SMC homodimer. EMBO J. 17:7139-7148.
    PMID: 9843517
  • Kimura, K., M. Hirano, R. Kobayashi and T. Hirano. (1998). Phosphorylation and activation of 13S condensin by cdc2 in vitro. Science. 282:487-490.
    PMID: 9774278
  • Losada, A., M. Hirano and T. Hirano. (1998). Identification of Xenopus SMC protein complexes required for sister chromatid cohesion. Genes Dev. 12:1986-1997.
    PMID: 9649503
  • Hirano, T. (1998). SMC protein complexes and higher-order chromosome dynamics. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 10:317-322.
    PMID: 9640531

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  • Kimura, K. and T. Hirano. (1997). ATP-dependent positive supercoiling of DNA by 13S condensin: a biochemical implication for chromosome condensation. Cell. 90:625-634.
    PMID: 9288743
  • Hirano, T., R. Kobayashi and M. Hirano. (1997). Condensins, chromosome condensation protein complexes containing XCAP-C, XCAP-E and a Xenopus homolog of the Drosophila Barren protein. Cell. 89:511-521.
    PMID: 9160743

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    PMID: 1661728

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  • Uzawa., S., I. Samejima, T. Hirano, K. Tanaka and M. Yanagida. (1990). The fission yeast cut1+ gene regulates spindle pole body duplication and has homology to the budding yeast ESP1 gene. Cell. 62:913-925.
    PMID: 2203537
  • Masuda, H., T. Hirano, M. Yanagida and W. Z. Cande. (1990). In Vitro reactivation of spindle elongation in fission yeast nuc2 mutant cells. J Cell Biol. 110:417-425.
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    PMID: 3283148
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    PMID: 16453724

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