Flower CT Volume Library

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updated 2014/8/6
added 3D object viewer, 2016/2/23

You can use these CT volumes and surface models for academic purposes (researches, educations, etc) freely by referring the following paper:

Takashi Ijiri, Shin Yoshizawa, Hideo Yokota, Takeo Igarashi. 2014. Flower Modeling via X-ray Computed Tomography, to appear at SIGGRAPH 2014.

Please DO NOT use the rendering results of our Blender file AS IT IS in your official article, since they are on our paper. (Slightly modifying the camera position or parameters seems to be enough for reuse)

Prototype software (Takaflower2.exe)

takaflower2.zip (prototype software and document)

SimpleVolumeViewer (with MFC/C++ code).

To load/convert our raw volume data (.traw3D_ss)

You can load, check, and convert flower CT volumes (.traw3D_ss) by using SimpleVolumeViewer (with MFC/C++ code).

*.traw3D_ss file is our 3D volume data format that contains i) voxel resolution, ii) voxel pitch, and iii) volume data (signed short array). It can be loaded by C++ as follows;
    FILE *fp = fopen( "*.traw3D_ss", "rb" );
    if( fp == 0 ) return false;

    int    W , H, D; // resoulution (Width, Height, Depth)
    fread( &W , sizeof(int   ), 1, fp ); 
    fread( &H , sizeof(int   ), 1, fp ); 
    fread( &D , sizeof(int   ), 1, fp );

    double px,py,pz; // pitch in x,y,z axes
    fread( &px, sizeof(double), 1, fp ); 
    fread( &py, sizeof(double), 1, fp ); 
    fread( &pz, sizeof(double), 1, fp );

    //read signed short array
    short *volume = new short[ W*H*D ];
    if( fread( volume, sizeof(short), W*H*D, fp ) != W*H*D ) { fclose( fp ); return false;}


Information : Date / Figure in paper / CT / Resolution / Pitch Volume Data
Surface Model
(.obj & Blender 2.69)
Modeling Results
(for takaflower2.exe)
Eustoma Fig 1
É Ray8700
371 x 393 x 361
0.165 mm
3D object viewer
Eustoma Fig 14a
É Ray8700
369 x 365 x 398
pitch: 0.1596 mm
3D object viewer
Aristroemeria Fig 14b
É Ray8700
418 x 365 x 350
0.1891 mm
3D object viewer
Tulip Fig 14c
É Ray8700
321 x 337 x 487
0.1410 mm
3D object viewer
Gloriosa Fig 14d
É Ray8700
393 x 378 x 356
3D object viewer
Eustoma Fig 14e
Yxlon Y.CT
211 x 230 x 310
3D object viewer
Viola Fig 14f
É Ray8700
389 x 386 x 354
pitch: 0.11046mm
3D object viewer
Gloriosa Fig 14g
Yxlon Y.CT
353 x 389 x 414
pitch: 0.27095mm
3D object viewer
Rose Fig 14h
É Ray8700
482 x 458 x 243
pitch: 0.2318mm
3D object viewer

The 3D object viewer was implemented with a support from Hidetomo Kataoka, an undergraduate student, at Ritsumeikan University.

We will upload more CT volumes which is not used in the paper.