RIKEN Atomic Physics Lab Seminar


"Density Functional Theory with Optimized Effective Potential ---An Application to Energy Structure of Hollow Atoms and Ions"

Xiao-Min Tong (Cold Trapped Ion Project, ICORP*, JST)

*International Co-operative Research Project

11:00 a.m.-, Friday, July 21

Meeting Room 624-626 at 6th Floor, RIKEN Main Building.


The local spin-density functional method with an optimized effective potential and a self-interaction correction is used to study the energy structure of hollow atoms or ions in the bulk of metallic materials as well as in the vacuum. Based on the method, we have studied the emitted x-ray spectra and Auger spectra of the Nq+ hollow atoms and ions in the bulk of Al as well as in the vacuum. The experimental Auger spectra in the collision of N6+ with an insulating surface and conducting surface can be well understood based our studies. Meanwhile, the stopping power of a highly charged ion near the surface is also studied by the linear density response theory.