Meeting Report

HCI2006  13th International Conference on the Physics of  Highly Charged Ion, Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, August 28- September 1, 2006

ICACS 2006 International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids,  TU Berlin, Germany, July 21- 26, 2006

Exotic hadronic atoms, deeply bound kaonic nuclear states and antihydrogen: present results, future challenges,   ECT*, Trento, Italy, June 19-24, 2006

第53回応用物理学会関係連合講演会, Tokyo, Japan, March 22-26, 2006

61th Annual Meeting of Physical Society of Japan, Matsuyama, Japan, March 27-30, 2006

IRSIB' 05 International Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research with Slow Ion Beams, CIRIL-GANIL, Caen, France, October 10-11, 2005

ISI 2005 The 17th International Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions, Zvenigorod, Russia, August 25-19, 2005

Positron 2005 XIII Interantional Workshop on Low Energy Positron and Positronium Physics, Campinas, Brazil, July 27-30, 2005

ICPEAC 2005 XXIV International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Rosario, Argentina, July 20-26, 2005

17th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis, Sevilla, Spain,  June 26 - July 1, 2005

SHIM 2005 The Sixth International Symposium on Swift Heavy Ions in Matter, Aschaffenburg (Bavaria), Germany, May 28 - 31, 2005


LEAP 05 International conference on Low Energy Antiproton Physics, Bonn - Jülich, Germany,  May 16-22, 2005

第52回応用物理学関係連合講演会,「固体における水素の計測と制御」シンポジウム、Saitama, Japan, March29-April01, 2005

PEARL 2005 Physics at EBIT and Advanced Research Light Sources, Huayuan Resort Hotel, Sanya, Hainan, China,  9-13th March 2005

MSI-05 International workshop on muon science instrumentation, Tsukuba, Japan, March 2-4, 2005

EXA 2005  International Conference on Exotic Atoms, Vienna, Austria, February 21-25, 2005

Annual FRS-NUSTAR meeting, GSIDarmstadt, February 9-11, 2005

CAARI 2004 18th International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, Ft Worth, TX , October 10-15, 2004

FIAC‘04 8th Workshop on Fast Ion-Atom Collisions, September 1-3, 2004, Debrecen, Hungary

HCI-2004 12th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 6-11, 2004

The Physical Society of Japan 2003 Autumn Meeting, Okayama, Japan, September 20-23, 2003

The Physical Society of Japan 2003 Autumn Meeting, Miyazaki, Japan, September 9-12, 2003

ICPA-13 13th International Conference on Positron Annihilation, Kyoto, Japan, September 7-13, 2003

Moscow-Chernogolovka Workshop on Nonadiabatic Transitions in Quantum Mechanics, Moscow and Chernogolovka, Russia, Aug. 4-7, 2003

EMS2003 13th International  Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms, Pruhonice, Czech Rrepublic, July 30-Aug. 2, 2003

ICPEAC2003 International Conference on Photonic Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Stockholm, Sweden, July 12-29, 2003

Positron 03   12th International Workshop on Low Energy Positron and Positronium Physics, Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark 19-21, July 19-21, 2003

NNP03  Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 7-11, 2003

BEYOND03 Fourth International Conference on Physics Beyond the Standard Model "BEYOND THE DESERT" '03,  Castle Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany, 9-14 June 2003

COOL03 Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics, Mt. Fuji, Japan, May. 19-23, 2003


SLOWRI, Workshop on Slow RI-Beams and Related Topics, RIKEN, Japan, May. 16, 2003

  • M. Wada, "The Slow RI-Beam Facility at RIKEN RIBF", Presentation (pdf 0.0MB, Mov 0.0M)
  • A. Takamine, "On-line test of an rf-ionguide for collecting energetic Li-8 beams", Presentation (pdf 0.0MB, Mov 0.0M)
  • N. Nakamura, "Tokyo EBIT and possibility for Highly charged RI ion", Presentation (pdf 0.0MB)

RIKEN RIBF WORKSHOP, Wako, Japan, Mar. 4-5, 2003

  • Y. Yamazaki, "Crystal-Assisted Virtual X-Ray Spectroscopy", Presentation (pdf 7.8MB)
  • M. Wada, "Perspective of the Slow RI-Beam Facility at RIBF", Presentation (pdf 2.7MB)


LEAP03, International conference on low energy anti-proton, Yokohama, Mar. 3-7, 2003

  • Y. Yamazaki, "A CUSP Trap - a possible new technique to synthesize a polarized antihydrogen beam for HFS measurements", Presentation (pdf 4MB)
  • N. Oshima, "Efficient positron trapping in a cryogenic vacuum with an electron plasma ", Presentation (pdf 524k)
  • M. Wada, "Technical developments toward Anti-Protonic Radioactive Nuclear Atoms for Nuclear Structure Study", presentation (pdf 2.9MB), (QuickTime 4.9MB), proceedings (PDF 164k)

11th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions (HCI2002), Caen, France, Aug. 2002

  • N. Yamanaka, "Mass polarization effect in He-like and Li-like ions" (pdf 47k)
  • T. Ikeda, et al, "Development of a 5-axis High-Precision Goniometer for Crystal Assisted High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions" (pdf 10k)
  • Y. Iwai, et al, "High-resolution soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Slow Highly Charged Ion Transmitted through a Microcapillary Target" (pdf 8k)
  • M. Hoshino, et al, "Energy Gain - Scattering Angle 2D Representation of Highly Charged Ion - Atom Collisions in the Energy Range of 50-100 eV/q" (pdf 30k)
  • H. Shimada, "Observation of Ar ions created by a intense laser filed" (pdf 17k)

27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Atomic Collision Research, Kyoto, Aug. 2002

  • N. Nakamura, et al, "Electron beam ion sourse equipped with a bulk high Tc superconductor solenoid" (pdf 234k)

14th International Conference of Electro-Magnetic Isotope Separators and their applications (EMIS-14), May 2002, Victoria, Canada

Workshop on TRIUMF TRAP: a facility for Exotic and highly Charged Ion Beams at ISAC , Apr. 2002.

  • M. Wada, "On-line collection of energetic Li-8 ions by RF ion guide", (pdf 8.8M)

Meeting on physics antiproton in KEK, Tsukuba, Japan, February, 2002.

  • Y. Yamazaki, "Accumulation and transportation of antiprotons and their applications", (pdf 15,910k)

Physical Society Annual Meeting, Ritsumeikan University, Biwako, March, 2002

  • Y. Yamazaki et al, "Electron cooling of antiprotons and production of ultra slow beam" (pdf 52k)
  • M. Wada et al, "On-line collection of energetic 8Li ions from RIPS using an rf ion-guide system" (pdf 210k)
  • Y. Iwai et al, "High-resolution soft X-ray spectroscopy of 2.3keV/u N6,7+ ions through microcapillary targets" (pdf 21k)
  • M. Hoshino et al, "The study of double-electron capture processes using 2D-mapping in C4+ -He collision at the collision energy range below 100eV/q" (pdf 61k)
  • A. Endo et al, "The development of an EBIS using high-Tc superconductors IV" (pdf 167k)
  • H. Shimada et al, "Contruction of a TOF specrometer for ions created by intense laser" (pdf 66k)
  • M. Niigaki et al, "Optimization of plasma conditions stored in a Multi-ring trap" (pdf 37k)

Italy-Japan Symposium on Heavy Ion Physics, Tokyo, Japan, September 26-29, 2001.

  • M. Wada, "Slow and trapped RNB from a projectile fragment separator and their applications", (Abstract:pdf 80k )

International Worksop on Ion Guide Isotope Separator On-Line (IGISOL-8), A symposium in the Annual Meeting of American Chemical Society 2001, Chicago, USA. August 26-28, 2001

  • M. Wada et al.; "Development of an rf ion guide for trapping energetic radioactive nuclear ions". (Selected Presentation Foils: )

26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Atomic Collision Research, Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro, August 23-25, 2001

  • T. Ikeda et al., "X-ray detection using superconducting tunnel junctions" (pdf 320k)
  • M. Takekawa et al., "Elastic scattering of electrons from carbonyl sulfide" (pdf 26k)
  • M. Hoshino et al., "Experimental studies for highly-charged-ion and atom collisions with crossed-beam technique" (pdf 8k)

5th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity(EUCAS 2001) Technical University of Denmark, Colenhagen, August 26-30, 2001

  • T. Ikeda et al., "X-ray spectroscopy in atomic collision experiment using superconducting tunnel junctions"

Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas 2001 (NNP2001), San Diego, USA, July 30-August 2, 2001

  • M. Wada, "Development of an RF Ion Guide for Trapping Energetic Radioactive Nuclear Ions" (Abstract:pdf50k ), (Proceedings: PDF 767k)

International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC) Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. July 18-24, 2001

  • T. Ikeda et al, "X-ray Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions Using Superconducting tunnel Junctions" (pdf 550k)
  • M. Takekawa et al, "Elastic scattering of electrons from carbonyl sulfide" (pdf 80k)
  • Y. Iwai et al, "X-ray measurement for 2.3 keV/u15N7+ ions passing through Au and Ni microcapillary targets" (pdf 145k)
  • N. Oshima et al, "Production scheme of a slow highly charged ion beam using a positron cooling technique" (pdf 46k)
  • M. Niigaki et al, "Extraction system for ultra-slow highly-charged ions from a trap in a strong magnetic field" (pdf 54k)
  • S. Sakaguti et al, "Theoretical calculation of double electron transfer processes in collisions of He2+ with Mg" (pdf 61k)
  • H. Shimada et al, "Momentum distributions of highly charged noble gas ions produced by intense laser light" (pdf 43k)

19th International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids(ICACS) Paris, 29 July - 3 August 2001

  • Y. Yamazaki "A micro-capillary target as a metastable hollow ion source" (pdf 50k)
  • T. Kambara et al, "Elastic Wave from Fast Heavy-Ion Irradiation on Solids" (pdf 16k)
  • T. Ikeda et al, "X-ray detection using Superconductiong Tunnel Junctions in slow highly charged ion collision with surface" (pdf 14k)
  • Y. Iwai et al, "High-resolution soft x-ray spectroscopy of 2.3KeV/u N7+ ions through a microcapillary target" (pdf 11k)

8th International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC '01) Osaka, Japan, June 19-22, 2001

  • T. Ikeda et al, "X-ray Spectroscopy of highly Charged Ions Using Superconducting Tunnel Junctions" (pdf 485k)

Physical Society Annual Meeting, Hachiouji, March, 2001

  • N. Oshima et al, "Development of a slow positron beam using a rare gas solid moderator" (pdf 78k)
  • Y. Iwai et al, "High resolution soft X-ray spectroscopy of highly charged ions through Au microcapillary target" (pdf 13k)

Physical Society Annual Meeting, Niigata, Setp., 2000

  • T.M. Kojima et al, "Development of an Ion Trap for Multi-Charged Ions Cooled with Cold Positron Coolant" (pdf 68k)
  • T. Kambara et al, "Acoustic Emission from Solids Irradiated by Fast Heavy Ions II" (pdf 15k)
  • N. Oshima et al, "Development of a slow positron beam using a rare gas solid moderator" (pdf 211k)
  • T. Nakamura et al, "Precision spectroscopy of the hyperfine structure of 9Be+ ion in a strong magnetic field using a combined linear ion trap"(pdf 25k)
  • M. Takekawa et al, "Elastic scattering of electron by OCS molecule"(pdf 200k)
  • N. Okabayashi et al, "Proton Desorption from H2O/Si(100) induced by Highly Charged Ions "(pdf 11k)
  • Y. Iwai et al, "High resolution soft X-ray spectroscopy of highly charged ions through Ni microcapillary target II"(pdf 96k)
  • Y. Nakai et al, “Ionization and Fragmentation of C60 by Fast Ion Impact-Analysis of TOF spectra profile of Fullerene-like Fragment ions.” (pdf 1755k)

RIKEN Symposium, Dec., 1999,
"Production of Ultra Slow Highly Charged Ions and Its Applications"

  • M. Wada et al, "Slow or Trapped RI-Beams from Projectile Fragment Separators and Their Laser Spectroscopy" (pdf 387k)