The 3rd Workshop on Interaction of Ions with Insulators (WIII2010)

September 4 - 5, 2010, Narita, JAPAN      


Researches on Ion-Insulator Interaction and its related fields are growing rapidly in these days, and many new findings, new ideas and new applications have been reported. In light of such trends, we organized the first Workshop on the Interaction of Ions with Insulators (WIII08) from September 7th to 10th, 2008 in Iiyama, Japan as a satellite meeting of HCI08, held Chofu, Japan, which was then succeeded by the second one, Symposium on the Interaction of Ions with Insulators on May 20 and 21, 2009 in Costa Brava, Spain supported by the ITSLEIF program. We believe that it is still growing and would be even more important to hold the third one soon to exchange our latest results and new ideas.
  The 3rd Workshop on Interaction of Ions with Insulators (WIII2010) will be held on September 4th and 5th just after the coming HCI Conference in Shanghai http://hci2010.fudan.edu.cn/ near Narita Airport so that attendees of the HCI can join easily (It takes only 3hours from Shanghai to Narita.).


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Date: September 4(Sat) - 5(Sun), 2010



(shuttle bus commutes between Narita Airport and the hotel every typical 30 min.)
We will cover all the cost during the workshop including the registration, the accommodation breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Workshop Banquet on September 5).

Registration: For those who are interested in joining the Workshop, please download the register form, fill it, and send back to wiii2010@riken.jp as soon as possible but not later than August 1st. We expect roughly 40 attendees like the Iiyama meeting.

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