Workshop on interaction of ions with insulators 2008 (Wiii08)

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Session I: Review
  Y.Yamazaki Opening
  N.Stolterfoht    Principles and new aspects of ion guiding through nanocapillaries in PET polymers
  Y.Kobayashi Heavy-ion microbeam as a probe of cellular radiation response
Session II: Review
  N.Imamoto Ion irradiation in liquid: possible application for cell biological studies
  T.Ikeda Guiding of slow HCIs through tapered glass capillary and paired glass plates
  A.Yasaka Recent progress of micro/nano fabrication using FIB
Session III: Multicapillary/Ion-Insulator
  K.Schiessl Simulation of guiding of charged particles through nanocapillaries: ions and electrons
  H.Zhang Slow highly charged ions guided through SiO2 nano-capillaries
  J.Tanis Fast electron and ion transmission through PET nanocapillaries
  V.Esaulov Scattering of F atoms and anions on a TiO2(110) surface
  M.Hoshino Dynamic features of beam guiding in polymer microcapillaries
Session IV: Biological target
  B.Huber Ion- and collision-induced fragmentation of biomolecular systems 
  Y.Iwai Ion irradiation for living cell surgery using a tapered glass capillary with end window
  J.Matsuo Molecular imaging of a single cell with nuclear microprobe
  M.Flores Irradiation of alkanethiol self assembled monolayer on Au(111) with highly charged ions
Session V: Single Capillary
  A.Cassimi Imaging dynamics of charge-self-organization in glass capillaries: Latest results and prospectives
  K.Ishi Progress report of material analysis with glass capillary in Nara Women's University
  Y.Kanazawa Nanodots induced by highly charged ions using glass capillary : preliminary results 
Session VI: Single Capillary
  K.Tőkési Transmission of 4.5 keV Ar9+ ions through single glass macrocapillary  (gif. animation)
  H.Yonemura Transmission of 15N at 6 MeV through glass capillaries
  T.M.Kojima Density enhancement of muon beams with tapered glass tubes 
  N.Ohshima Positron microbeams and their applications
Session VII: Cluster & Summary
  D.Vernhet X-ray emission, a fast thermometer for electrons in laser- cluster interaction
  L.Tribedi Fast ion atomic collision processes in free C60 and solids 
  J.Burgdörfer    Summary - solved and unsolved problems

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