Workshop on Slow RI-Beams and Related Topics

May 16th, Friday, 2003 at RIKEN Nishina-Hall (9:30 - 17:35, 20:00)

Overview A new slow RI-beam facility is planned as a part of the RIKEN RI-Beam Factory (RIBF). This facility will provide a wide variety of nucleides with an excellent beam quality. It is technically based on a projectile fragment separator and an rf ion-guide, which consists of a large gas catcher and an rf-carpet electrode. This workshop on "Slow RI-Beams and Related Topics" aims to emphasize the research activity for the slow RI-beam facility.

layout of the RIBF

session 1 chair K. Asahi
9:30(0:20)Y. Yano (riken)The RIKEN RI-Beam Factory
9:50(0:25)M. Wada (riken)The Slow RI-Beam Facility at RIKEN RIBF
10:15(0:15)A. Takamine (riken/tokyo)On-line test of an rf-ionguide for collecting energetic Li-8 beams
10:30(0:15) K. Okada (Sophia) Precision HFS Spectroscopy of Be isotopes
10:45(0:20)Y. Ishida (riken)Multi-reflection TOF mass spectrometer
session 2 chair T. Shimoda
11:25(0:20) K. Asahi (TIT/riken) Neutral RI beams for ABMR.
11:45 (0:30) G. Bollen (MSU)Experimental plan of LEBIT, a slow RI-beam facility at MSU-NSCL
12:15(0:20)S. Schwarz (MSU)Technical developments for LEBIT
13:35(0:30)ribf tour
session 3 chair T. Shinozuka
14:05(0:20) I. Katayama (KEK) Atomic physics with trapped Li8
14:25(0:20)J. Murata (rikkyo)Fundamental Physics using Slow RI Beam
14:45(0:20)V. Varentsov (St.Petersburg)The fair-wind ion-guide
15:05(0:20)N. Nakamura (riken)Tokyo EBIT and possibility for Highly charged RI ion
15:25(0:20)T. Suda (riken)e-RI scattering experiment with trapped RI
session 4 chair I. Katayama
16:05(0:20)T. Shinozuka (tohoku)Sendai IGISOL with rf ion-guide
16:25(0:20)T. Shimoda (osaka)Spectroscopic Studies of Unstable Nuclei with Polarized Radioactive Nuclear Beam
16:45(0:20)H. Miyatake (KEK)ISOL-based RI-beam facility of JAERI-KEK collaboration
17:05(0:25)H. Wollnik (ORNL/riken) Review on Mass measurements & Concluding Remarks
PostersA. TakamineOn-line test of an rf-ionguide for collecting energetic Li-8 beams
T. NakamuraPrecision spectroscopy of the Zeeman splittings of the 9Be+ 2 2S1/2 hyperfine structure levels
K. OkadaChemical Reactions with Trapped Ca+ ions
Y. IshidaMuti-reflection TOF mass spectrometer
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