The 29th International Brand Ritchie Workshop (BRW2011)

on Particle Penetration Phenomena and Excitations of Solids

May 12 - 15, 2011, Matsue, Shimane, JAPAN   

 Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center   Izumo Taisha shrineIzumo Taisha shrineIzumo Taisha shrineMatsue Castle
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Atomic Physics Laboratory

Kyoto Univ.
Matsuo Lab.

The 29th International Brandt Ritchie Workshop on Particle Penetration Phenomena and Excitations of Solids will be held in Matsue, Shimane, Japan, from May 12-15, 2011. It continues a series of meetings which were held recently in San Sebastian (Spain, 2001), Namur (Belgium 2002), Playa del Carmen (Mexico, 2003), Berlin (Germany, 2004), Gainesville (USA, 2005), Paris (France, 2006), Playa del Carmen (Mexico, 2007), and Madrid (Spain, 2011).

The workshop- whose name is devoted to Werner Brandt and Rufus Ritchie who were the original founders- has been traditionally an important arena for informal discussions of new - unpublished- results and new ideas on timely aspects in the study of particle penetration phenomena and electronic excitations in solids. The spirit of the workshop is meant to be an opportunity for a small group of active scientists to discuss- off the record and in an intimate setting- scientific ideas which would elicit interest, emotion and surprise. We strongly endorse this idea, hence contributions of published or fill-in work are not encouraged.

Specifically, this Workshop is intended to deal with the development and new ideas about: the role of the material properties in particle penetration phenomena, induced excitation of surface and bulk plasmon states, collective excitations in low-dimensional structures, radiation interaction with organic and inorganic nano-materials, dynamic charge states in ion-solid interactions and related processes at surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures. In particular, topics related to nanostructured systems and its electronic, photonic and transport properties, will be encouraged.

In the tradition of this series of workshops, the meeting will be informal with adequate time for discussions. Attendance is limited to 50 participants.

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The members of the International Committee are: N. Arista, R. Baragiola, S. Cruz,
P. M. Echenique, V. Esaulov, F. Flores, A. Lucas, R. H. Ritchie, J. R. Sabin,
H. Winter and Y. Yamazaki.

Local Organisers: Y. Yamazaki (RIKEN), T. Koshikawa (OECU), and J. Matsuo (Kyoto U.). Secretary: H. Wada.