Transportation from Narita Airport to Zushi

  Take the JR Sobu Honsen from the basement level of Narita Airport.  Some of the trains called the Airport Narita go directly to Zushi (next stop after Kamakura). For those that don't, change trains at Yokohama to one that will take you to Zushi.    

 If you choose to use the Narita Express (which will cost up to 3000 yen more than the Sobu Honsen Line), take the Narita Express from the airport to either Yokohama or Ofuna, and change to the Yokosuka Line. Make sure to look for a train that will stop at Zushi.

Traveling time: about 2hrs30min by JR Sobu Honsen (the Airport Narita) and it may be about 30-40 min shorter if you use the Narita Express.

  If you are planning to visit Tokyo on your way to Zushi, there are several buses that will take you from the airport directly to Tokyo, or you can take the JR Sobu Line and get off at Tokyo.

  From JR Zushi station, please take the bus No.16  from No. 1 bus stop, and get off at Shonan Village Center, the second stop from the final destination. The ride is about 30 minutes. Since there are not many buses available, we advice you to take the bus departing at 11am or 12:02 pm to allow yourself plenty of time for registration which starts at 13:00.

Map of Zushi station  

Bus Timetable  

You can also get the information about the transportation from the web site of Shonan Village Center  

A Typical Way to Get to the Symposium Site by 13:00 on 18 Dec.