Programs for accompanying person

 There are several tourist attractions, such as Kamakura and Yokohama, near Zushi. Kamakura, one of Japanfs old capitals about 1000 years ago, is the next town to Zushi, and is easily reached from Zushi by JR train (about 20 min ride). Yokohama, foreigners town about 200 years ago, where many diplomats and business men lived one time, has one of the largest China towns in Japan, and many sight-seeing places. Yokohama is also easily reached by JR line (30 min).

We plan to organize a small tour program for those who are interested in visiting these places.




 Climate in December

The temperature would be in mid-teens (oC) in daytime, and a single digit in night, and we have usually a lot of sun-shine (rarely rain) in December.   The temperature in Zushi is slightly higher than that in Tokyo.