Dec. 18 (Wednesday) Dec. 19 (Thursday) Dec. 20 (Friday)

Session C. Condensed Phases

Chair: H. Nakamura


9:00-9:40 (40min) T. Kasai 
"Nuclear-Excited Feshbach Resonance in Penning Ionization Reactions"

9:40-10:20  (40min) K. Hino
"Linear and Non-linear Optical Responses of Exciton Fano Resonance in Semiconductor Heterostructure"

10:20-11:00 (40min) M. Kawai
"Chemistry Derived by Electron Impact to Individual Molecules Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces"

Session E. Chemistry and Biology

Chair: Y. Hatano 

9:00-9:40 (40min) T. Sommerfeld
"Coupling Between Dipole-Bound and Valence States: the Nitromethane Anion"

 9:40-10:20 (40min) T. Orlando
"Dissociative Electron Attachment of Water and the Relevance to Environmental and Biological Issues"

Session F. Miscellaneous and Hot Topics

Chair: T. Rescigno

10:20-10:50 (30min) S. Watanabe 
"Aspects of Adiabaticity in an Atomic BEC"


11:00-11:20 (20min) Coffee Break 10:50-11:10 (20min)  Coffee Break

Session D. Electrons and Photons

Chair: A. Orel

11:20-12:00 (40min) K. Bowen 
"Diffuse Excess Electron States"

12:00-12:40 (40min) I. Fabrikant 
"Theory of Low-Energy Electron Attachment to Molecules and Clusters"

11:10-11:25 (15min) J. Royal
"Couplings in the Continuum"

11:25-11:40 (15min) W. Vanroose
"Interaction Between Virtual States and Resonance States in Electron-Polyatomic Collisions"

11:40-11:55 (15min) M. Takekawa
"Vibrational Excitation of a Carbon Dioxide Molecule by Electron and Positron Impacts"

11:55-12:10 (15min) J. Marler
"Resonances in Low-energy Positron Scattering from Atoms and Molecules"

12:40-13:50 (70min)  Lunch Break 12:10-13:20 (70min) Lunch Break

13:00-13:30 (30min) Registration 

13:30-13:45 (15min) M. Kimura
Opening Remarks 

Session A. Exotic particles

Chair: I. Shimamura

13:45-14:25 (40min)   K. Nagamine
"Discovery of Resonance Tuning and Detuning Phenomena in Muon Catalyzed Fusion"

14:25-15:05 (40min)  J. S. Cohen 
"Correlation in Antiproton Capture by Atoms and Molecules"


13:50-14:30  (40min) C.Greene
"Effects of Rotation and Jahn-Teller Coupling on H3+ Dissociative Recombination"

Chair: Y. Itikawa

14:30-15:10  (40min) Y. Hatano
"Dissociative Excitation of Molecules in Photonic and Electronic Collisions. Formation and Dissociation Dynamics of Molecular Superexcited States."

15:10-15:50 (40min) H. Nakamura
"Nonadiabatic Transitions and Resonances in Chemical Reaction Dynamics"

Chair: K. Hino

13:20-13:35 (15min) A. Khuskivadze
"The Role of Resonances in Molecular Rydberg States"

13:35-13:50 (15min) A. Ichimura
"Charge-Asymmetric Coulomb Explosion of Diatomic Molecules in Intense Laser Fields"


13:50-14:05  (15min) N. Hammer
"Resonance Charge Transfer in Dipole Bound Anions"

14:05-14:20 (15min) S. Ovchinnikov
"Formation of Protonium in Collisions of Antiprotons with Hydrogen"


14:20-14:50 (30min) I. Fabrikant
Closing Remarks




15:50-16:10 (20min) Coffee Break
15:05-15:25 (20min) Coffee Break


15:25-16:05 (40min) A. Orel
"Resonances in Dissociative Recombination"


Chair: C. Surko

16:05-16:45  (40min) T. Hyodo
"Experimental Study of Momentum-transfer Cross Section and 1Zeff for Slow Positronium-Gas Collisions"

16:45-17:25  (40min)  L. Barnes
"Energy resolved Measurements of Positron Annihilation on Large Molecules"

17:25-17:45 (20min) A. Igarashi
"Resonances in e+ + He+ System"

17:45-18:05 (20min.) N. Shimakura 
"Resonance Phenomena in Electron Capture Processes by Multiply Charged Ions"


Chair: C. Greene


16:10-16:50 (40min) T. Rescigno
"Resonant Vibrational Excitation of CO2 by Electron Impact: Nuclear Dynamics on the Coupled Components of the 2Πu Resonance"



16:50-17:30 (40min) J. Sullivan
"Photo Double Excitation of Helium in a Strong DC Electric Field" 

17:30-18:10 (40min) A. Bass
 "Negative Ion Resonances and Radiation Damage in Biological Targets"

18:30-19:30 ( 60min) Dinner 

19:00-21:00  Banquet  

Master: A. Ichimura

Session B. Positron or Electron Collision on A or M

Chair: Y. Yamazaki

19:30-19:45 (15min) A. Igarashi
"From Variation to Exotics"

19:45-20:25  (40min) I. Shimamura
"Inseparable Positron Annihilation and Positronium Formation in Positron-Hydrogen Collisions"

20:25-20:40 (15min) A. Ichimura
"A and M Processes in Plasma" 

20:40-21:20 (40min) Y. Itikawa 
"Electron-impact vibrational excitation of CO2 --Recommended data on the cross section--"

Book of Abstract A compilation of above abstracts (preliminary, Dec. 5, 2.3Mbytes)