Workshop on Computer Modeling and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems

Sep.22 (Mon.) , 2014, RIKEN


Proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrate are major components of biological systems. To explore molecular dynamics of those complexes such as protein-membrane and cytoplasmic systems by computer simulations, realistic representation of molecules, reliable force-field parameters, and advanced techniques for whole structure modeling are required. The aim of this workshop is to offer an opportunity to exchange and share ideas from recent studies focusing on “Realistic modeling and simulations of biomolecular systems”.


RIKEN Wako Campus
Welfare and Conference Building 2nd Floor Large Meeting Room

Please refer to the access map for more information on the location.
Welfare and Conference Building is numbered as "39" in the campus map.


Click here to download the scientific program (PDF).


No registration needed.


Yuji Sugita (Theoretical Molecualr Science Laboratory, RIKEN)
Takaharu Mori (Theoretical Molecualr Science Laboratory, RIKEN)


For any questions regarding the workshop, please send an email to Takaharu Mori.

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